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How to Donate Furnishings/

At Legacy, as we furnish the home for our residents, donor support is so appreciated. The Legacy Board has collaborated with an interior designer to carefully plan the function and ambiance of each room. We aim to cultivate a warm and family-like atmosphere, ensuring that each room fulfills its intended purpose and also contributes to a harmonious design throughout the space. 


How to donate furnishings:

If you have furnishings you are considering donating to Legacy, thank you! Kindly note the following:


  • We value your understanding that we are specifically seeking pieces that align with our measurement requirements and our designer’s plan.

  • Thank you for your patience throughout this process. Furnishing a house of this size is a significant task, and it may take up to 30 days for us to confirm whether your offered furnishing aligns with current needs. 

  • Please send photos and the dimensions of each piece to our donation coordinator, Jennifer, at or text her at 919-482-9250. This will help us assess potential matches with current needs before we add an item to a registry. 

  • Please do not drop furnishings at the home without prior arrangement. 

  • Again, we very much value your generosity and understanding. You are appreciated!


Accepted Items:

We accept new and gently used items that are in good condition and contribute to creating a comfortable and nurturing home environment. This includes but is not limited to, furniture, household goods, tools for landscaping/gardening, and household consumables such as cleaning supplies, paper goods, and toiletries. We do not accept clothing.


Quality Standards:

To convey a sense of respect to our residents, we kindly request that donated items be free from damage and in good working condition. We are unable to accept broken or heavily worn items.


Redirecting Items:

In the event that your item does not align with our current needs, we recommend you consider other charitable organizations, such as Safe Futures, Madonna Place, or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Since Legacy does not accept clothing donations, we recommend donating to Josie's Closet at THE Church, a wonderful local nonprofit that freely gives clothing, shoes, and accessories. 


In-Kind Donations:

Legacy is a registered 501(c)(3). Upon receipt of an approved donation, Legacy will send a letter of acknowledgment that indicates the item(s) donated and the date of the donation. We do not include a value for the donated item(s) in the letter, per IRS regulations. Please consult with a tax advisor if you have questions regarding the deductibility of your donation.

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